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Raids are events that can be hosted by any Rats United HR. Typically, a raid occurs after a game night, although they have on occasions occurred by request from the community, generally on the group wall or Discord server.


Whenever a raid begins, someone (usually Aytuls) will announce the game being raided, and the game will usually get swarmed within a few minutes. Typically, if any admins are in that game (or if someone has admin privileges/commands), they will usually ban anyone participating in the raid, with the most common bans being permanent bans.

After enough people have been banned, or the raid gets called off due to certain circumstances (raid success, game was boring, game had too little players), a new game will be raided, and the cycle repeats itself.

While most raids have been hosted by Powie or Aytuls, there have been some raids hosted by others, such as Flamingo, and unofficial raids, such as this one started by GoingLimited.

List of raids[]

Flamingo Rat Raid[]

Main Article: Flamingo Rat Raid of 15 April 2020

Out of the many raids Rats United has done, one of the most notable is the April 15 Raid, commonly known as Flamingo's Rat Raid. It was the first raid done by the group (that we know of), and is also what made Rats United's reputation as a raiding group.

Paradise Life Raid[]

Date: Late April 2020

Led by Kaden Fumblebottom, he led a group of rats and like Flamingo, proceeded to level the server via admin commands.

GoingLimited Raid[]

Date: Late April 2020

Led by GoingLimited, he also led a group of rats to raid some games. However, the original video has since been removed by him, so we don't know much else about it.

January 16 Raids[]

Date: 16 January 2021

Time: 11:30 to 12:06 PST

Games raided:

  • Work at Fizze Soda Shop (Fizze Cafe)
    • Duration: 7 minutes
    • Time: 11:30 to 11:37 PST
    • Notes:
      • As seen in this image, Powie was banned 6 minutes after the raid started.
  • Coast Grill Cafe
    • Duration: 6 minutes
    • Time: 11:37 to 11:43 PST
    • Notes:
      • Shortest of all 4 raids that day
      • Powie was banned for saying "NOOBY NOOB." Unlike the previous game however, it only turned out to be a kick and not a perma-ban.
  • The Church of Nicki Minaj
    • Duration: 12 minutes
    • Time: 11:43 to 11:55 PST
    • Notes:
      • Longest of all 4 raids that day
  • Support Center || SSC
    • Duration: 11 minutes
    • Time: 11:55 to 12:06 PST
    • Notes:
      • Last raid of the day
      • Rats Got Talent Season 2 was announced afterwards.

Raids of 28 January[]

Date: 28 January 2021

Games raided:

  • Verde Cafe
  • SizzleBurger Restaurant

Raids of 19 February[]

Date: 19 February 2021

Time: 15:46 to 15:57 PST

Games raided:

Raids of 20 February[]

Date: 20 February 2021

Time: 18:15 to 18:57 PST

Games raided:

  • Verde Cafe
    • Duration: 7 minutes
    • Time: 18:15 to 18:22 PST
    • Notes:
      • 18:16 - LogicRat (a former mod) told everyone to ask for cat soup
      • 18:17 - Aytuls informs everyone to not talk/spam in all caps due to people being banned as a result of it
        • Ban quoted, "You have been removed from Verde for repetitive capital abuse."
      • 18:20 - The word "rat" is censored in-game
      • 18:22 - Raid ends as another raid is declared
  • (FREE ADMIN) Work at Crispy Chicken | V2.5
    • Duration: 20 minutes
    • Time: 18:22 to 18:42 PST
    • Notes:
      • SirNubless said: "ahhh yes FREE ADMIN, def not a scam"
      • 18:23 - Aytuls states that Powie still has admin as a result of the previous raid that happened here
      • 18:26 - The servers have gone haywire, making the game a train wreck
        • The few cat supporters were annihilated with admin, and a rat hacker was also in the server, though whether he was actually hacking or had also purchased admin has yet to be known)
      • 18:32 - Powie makes every rat fly
      • 18:42 - Raid called off
        • SirNubless - "took over the cafe harder than stalin took over berlin"
  • SizzleBurger Restaurant
    • Duration: 15 minutes
    • Time: 18:42 to 18:57 PST
    • Notes:
      • Aytuls kicked within two minutes of the raid starting for attempting to crash the server
      • Aytuls also noted that despite the spam, no in-game staff were present in his server
      • 18:53 - Aytuls is finally banned
        • SirNubless - "After 15 years, they banned you." (raids channel)